Man Trying To Rescue A Baby Swan Gets Smacked By Its Angry Swan Dad

Simon Cowell, founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation, got a call to rescue a cygnet that found itself trapped in a fence. Adding to the challenge was a very protective adult male swan, or cob, who gave Cowell a few bruises during the rescue.

Fortunately, Cowell was unfazed by the hissing, swatting adult swan, understanding that the cob was nervous about this human intervention. Adult swans can give you a good thump with their wings, but it's almost unheard of for a swan to actually break a human limb by swatting a person. Still, I can understand why the woman who found the cygnet called in a professional; that is one frightening bird.


[via Neatorama]


Clear case of assault on the part of the swan there, he won't get away with it for long though, we've got our best men on the case...