Man Spaghetti might be the most demented animated film we've ever seen, and we can't stop watching it

Holy hydra head, Batman! "Man Spaghetti," the short film about one creature that can replicate animal heads all over its body, is chillingly hypnotic. And horrifying, and entrancing, and... maybe we'll just go sit in the corner and think about if for a bit.

Created by the animator Felix Colgrave, here's what the artist had to say about his baby:

When I made this film, I was exploring the idea of how living things are made of matter, and when we die and rot and we’re returned to the earth and yadda yadda, and then that matter then goes on to build other living things. Basically I cut out the middle man, and made the matter reorganise itself into new things the moment the consciousness died. Then i put them in onesies and gave the whole thing a silly name.


Makes us miss Liquid TV.

[Via Laughing Squid]

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