Man Seeking Woman Looks Both Completely Insane And Totally Endearing

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On the surface, the new FXX series Man Seeking Woman appears to be yet another dating drama set in Chicago, but it's not — it's something infinitely more insane. People go on dates with goblin-looking trolls, Hitler shows up — it's just insane.


Jay Baruchel stars in Simon Rich's television series adaptation of his own collection of short stories, titled The Last Girlfriend On Earth.

The seemingly innocuous series goes full tilt rather fast when Baruchel's date climbs out of a dumpster and is an actual fantasy troll, with an an insane troll costume and everything. This is basically the tone of the rest of the series. Baruchel stumbles through the NYC dating scenes with the grace and worldliness of a newborn fawn while absolutely batshit things are thrown at him. It's kind of amazing.


And so far everyone seems to really enjoy it. Not a huge surprise because the talent behind this series is pretty impressive. Jonathan Krisel of Portlandia is executive producing along with Andrew Singer (SNL) and the legendary Lorne Michaels. Baruchel is always delightful and his cast member Eric André is a comedian we will always, always watch.

Here's a bit more behind the scenes look that does a bit more explaining of the premise.

Anyway, this series wasn't really on our radar until the positive reviews began popping up (which is hilarious because they've been advertising a little right here but full disclosure I'm really that lazy). Anyway, now that I've seen the trailer and read the review I'm going to check out Man Seeking Woman's premiere on January 14th at FXX.

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It's actually set in Chicago and filmed in Toronto. Toronto looks nothing like Chicago.