Man of Steel saves the best trailer for last

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It's kind of insane that Man of Steel would still be releasing new trailers this close to the opening of the movie — which comes out in a mere eight days — but it's very much worth the time to watch this fifth and final trailer, because not only is it chock full of new footage, that footage is almost completely awesome.

Warning: This new, Nokia-sponsored trailer reveals a lot of new scenes in the movie, so some of you might want to skip it and just wait until the movie comes out next Friday. Everyone else, here what we've got:

• A bunch of things exploding on Krypton

• Zod fighting Jor-El

• Kal-El's rocket lifting off

• Some idiot trying to bully someone who I presume is a young Clark Kent

• Clark holding many things on fire occasionally while being on fire himself

• Superman flying into an explosion

• Superman breaking free of some restraints without the tiniest bit of effort

• Superman chasing after Lois while she's trapped in some kind of pod-thing

• The military freaking the fuck out over Metropolis

• Zod getting punched out of a building

• Superman taking a skull bath (as in, a giant pile of skulls)

• Superman kneeling before somebody (presumably Zod)

• Superman having a heart-to-heart with Jor-El

• Superman pulling the ol' Jesus pose while floating in space

I'm not thrilled at how much I know about the movie going in to it, but these trailers have definitely been effective, because the movie looks great. I think my hopes are officially up, people. This worries me.

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I still don't get how a lone Superman can stand up to an entire army of equally powered, and imperial military trained supermen. Inverse Ninja Law? Just makes no sense.