Apparently, the economy has gotten so bad that even the animals are turning to crime. In England, a man was confronted by an unusually furry mugger, one who was less interested in his wallet than in his groceries.

Seb Baker, a 210-pound man living in Kent, had just purchased groceries from Tesco when he was ambushed by a fox. The critter apparently lept at him, then hungrily circled him while nipping at his bag. Figuring that the best way to deal with the sharp-toothed bandit was just to give him what he wanted, Baker surrendered a loaf of garlic bread, which the fox greedily accepted.


Such brazen animal crime is rare, but wildlife expert John Bryant says that, should other critters similarly rise up against the human species, a water gun is the best way to fend them off.

No word on whether the fox sounded like George Clooney.

15st man 'mugged by fox' [Telegraph via Xenophilia]