Illustration for article titled Man in a Red Skull mask robs a bank, is foiled by Jewish vigilantes

Halloween brings out the masked men and women, and for one Brooklyn bank, that meant a masked criminal. A man in a red skeleton mask stole $8,000, only to be thwarted by a Hasidic vigilante group.

The NY Post reports that 20-year-old Kevin Crawford allegedly walked into the bank Wednesday and demanded $4,000 from the teller. He made off with twice that, but was followed by a crowd and soon stopped by by Borough Park Shomrim volunteers until the police arrived. The Shomrim are organizations unarmed civilian patrols in Hasidic and Haredi neighborhoods that combat crimes like burglary, vandalism, assault, and domestic violence, as well as antisemitism.


It's hard to say if Crawford was paying deliberate tribute to Captain America's Nazi foe, or if he just thought the skeleton mask would be intimidating, but as Bleeding Cool notes, there's something especially lovely about a Red Skull (even an accidental one) defeated by Jewish civilians.

Image via NY Post.

'Trick or treat, motherf—ker!' Halloween hellion busted in bank-rob spree [NY Post via Bleeding Cool]


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