Man, I’ve Got to Stop Overestimating Heroes Reborn

The fall finale of Heroes Reborn has come and gone, and it’s left us with some major revelations—and some confusion. Mostly confusion. I mean, I’ve spent the entire season wondering if the show would have answers for all the mysteries the show has posed, but I forgot to ask an equally important question: Will those answers make any goddamn sense?

I’m leaning towards that answer being “no,” but I have to admit that I’ve been wrong about Heroes Reborn in the past. Specifically, I’ve been wrong because I keep thinking the show isn’t just making things up as it goes along. For instance, two weeks ago I assumed that because 98% of the present was the same after HRG rampaged through a year ago, that he hadn’t changed anything. Nope! It was just more convenient for Reborn to leave most events as having happened, even if they made no sense. (One example: If Quentin had reunited with his sister a year ago, how would he have met HRG, let alone gone on a journey to find his sister with him?)


And last week, I assume that Tommy had accidentally absorbed Luke’s fire powers and that’s why he couldn’t teleport. The reason I thought this is because the show had gone out of its way to proclaim Tommy couldn’t be kept with his sister Malina in case he accidentally absorbed her power and doomed the world. And then he physically moved Luke’s arm while Luke was shooting fire from his hands in the ice cream parlor. To me, it couldn’t have been more obvious that he’d lost his time and space powers. The show disagreed! It was just Phoebe, Quentin’s sister with the power-dampening powers!

So forgive me for continually overestimating Heroes Reborn, and assuming the show actually has some kind of internal logic. It doesn’t. And maybe that’s why the verrrry busy fall finale, “11:53 to Odessa,” was at times utterly baffling.

Let’s start with the big reveal: Erica has a city in the future named Gateway. A colony, if you will, hanging out 7,957 years from now. Her plan seems to be to take her selected portion of humanity to Gateway using Tommy’s time travel powers because once Hiro was freed, they were unable to use the “time tunnel” they had created (which was that Austin Powers-looking set from this episode). Now, Erica tells Tommy that he’s going to bring all seven billion of Earth’s inhabitants to the future. Tommy believes this and agrees to help, because Tommy is a dumb-dumb. Then Miko, who is of course somehow also in the future, jumps out of nowhere, tells Tommy they should go, and Tommy also immediately believes this strangely dressed Japanese girl. Well, at least he’s consistent.


Other things happen in this episode, but not much is accomplished; really it’s just moving the chess pieces (well, the checkers; this is Heroes, after all). But since this is the fall finale, I might as well let you know where everyone ends up.

• HRG has been teleported away by an unknown person.

• Malina has run off with Luke after a bunch of regular people get furious at her for saving them from a tornado (these people were all named Clark Kent).


• Tommy and Miko have teleported from the future to who knows where or when.

• Erica is stuck in Gateway, in the future.

• Carlos the Luchador, Taylor (Erika’s daughter), Farrah (Malina’s arctic Obi-Wan), the Haitian and all the other Hero Truthers are running from Sunstone in different directions (in a scene so goofy it literally made me laugh out loud).


• Parkman visits Micah in the basement of Sunstone to make sure his name is on the Word document Erica has made of the names of people who get to go to the future. (He is.)

• Oh, and somehow Miko’s “father” Otomo, who is in the future (along with the unconscious body of his actual daughter), sends a construct of himself and some samurai (who only Ren can see) into the present, where they tell Ren he has to go to the future to save Miko—the real Miko, whose body is there—even though Ren is a goofball, and video game Miko is infinitely more capable than Ren is in every way.


Ren’s new quest is pretty confusing, but it’s hardly the most baffling part of the episode. Here’s just a few questions I had by the end of this episode:

• Why does Tommy believe Erica at all, when he’s been told by everyone else in his life that’s going to stop the upcoming apocalypse? Why does he decide to continue helping her after Erica admits she was trying to hook him up to her machine to steal his powers? How is that not a deal breaker?


• How can Otomo create samurai constructs that only Ren can see? Why does Otomo need Ren to do anything if he can create constructs that are far more capable than Ren?

• Does Heroes Reborn actually expect us to care about Farrah and Carlos as a couple?


• How can Parkman not read Farrah’s mind and see that she has no damn idea where Malina currently is? More importantly, how has Parkman not read Erica or Harris or anyone else’s mind and figured out he’s apparently disposable?

• Also, why does Erica consider the dude who reads minds disposable? That just seems like a poor use of resources for a supervillain.


And most importantly, why was this the “Heroes Reborn Fall Finale” when there are apparently only three more episodes in the series? You can’t have a finale three episodes before an actual finale. That’s just crazy pants. Also, it appears that no one told Heroes Reborn this was the fall finale, because this was hardly a particularly epic episode. It would have been better for all concerned to be honest and say “Hey, folks, it’s the last Heroes Reborn… for a while. Nothing to get too concerned about!”

Oh well. Again, I’m afraid to posit my theories about these mysteries, because I’m afraid I’ll use common sense and be wrong. But I’m sure a few indignant Heroes Reborn Truthers know the answers and will happily/angrily let me know in the comments. I may sound critical, but really, all Heroes Reborn is getting out of me this week is a perplexed shrug, which is still an infinitely more positive reaction than I had to Heroes seasons 2-4.


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