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Man Finds Mysterious Fluid-Secreting Skull; Local News Anchor Baffled

Years ago, Tony Richardson found a strange skull on the sea floor. After 15 years of silence (and keeping the skull in his garage), he's demanding answers. Luckily, reporter Bill Green's on the case! Can you help solve the mystery?

15 years ago, Tony Richardson of Manchester, Maine found a curious finned skull while dredging the ocean floor. He's kept the mysterious, fluid-secreting skull in his garage... until today. NBC 6 reporter Bill Green has joined Tony to solve the mystery of the skull, and he needs your help. Do you recognize this weird skull?


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If you are familiar with this skull, please follow the instructions on the NBC 6 website.

If you think you know what the strange skull is, please email Bill Green at NEWS CENTER:

Some have suggested that it is a munk fish, an ancient pod, a discarded land animal or even an alien from another planet.


Please note that "some" have made uninformed guesses about the skull's true origins. Who are these "some?" What is it that these "some" know that we don't? We hope that Bill, Tony, and the skull crack this case... fast.

[NBC 6 via 3-D Monster]

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Oh hey, this apparently biological thing I pulled out of the ocean and keep in a plastic bag is still wet. Crazy! I wonder if I should consult someone who has extensive knowledge of ocean creatures... Nah, I'll call Bill.

I'm going to go with bird. I think it's a bird.