What if your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man didn't bother to use his powers to fight crime and instead ran around his city spraying people with webbing and popping upside-down in unexpected places? Artist SA Wardega took a Spider-Man outfit, a few cans of Silly String, and a total lack of shame and decided to have a little fun on the streets (and in the trains) of Warsaw.


With great power comes great responsibility? I think the people getting hit in the face with fake webbing might argue that Wardega's Spider-Man falls a bit outside of Uncle Ben's code of conduct. But it looks like he add a little superheroic cheer to the more than a few commuters' days.

Wardega also filmed himself performing an early Spider-Man attempt. Like Tobey Maguire's film Spider-Man, his first iteration of the costume wasn't the flashiest, and his use of rope as webbing managed to infuriate his targets even more than the Silly String did.


[via Laughing Squid]

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