Man-Bat Is Finally Making His Solo Comic Debut Next Month

Nana nana nana nana, Man-Bat!
Nana nana nana nana, Man-Bat!
Image: Sumit Kumar, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Tom Napolitano/DC Comics

Tired of all those Batman books? Well, what about a Man-Bat book instead?

Today DC Comics revealed the first look inside its previously-delayed Man-Bat miniseries, starring Kirk Langstrom—the zoologist who turned himself into the ferocious winged monster Man-Bat in an experiment gone wrong. Surprisingly, it sees the character in his very own comic series for the first time. Written by Dave Wielgosz and with art from Sumit Kumar, Man-Bat will be a five-issue miniseries. (It was originally set to debut last year, before, well...y’know. The world happened. Quite a lot.)

But nothing can stop the Man-Bat, and so now he’s just making his solo-title debut nine months later than he intended to. Check out the first look inside the comic in the gallery below!


Man-Bat will follow Kirk as he faces the ramifications of giving in to his monstrous side after years of self-control and going on a rampage that doesn’t just attract the attention of Gotham’s law enforcement, but Task Force X—better known to you and I as the Suicide Squad. Will Kirk be able to undo the damage he caused giving into his bloodlust as the Man-Bat before he’s stopped, either by Batman and the GCPD, or stopped more permanently by the Suicide Squad?

We won’t have much longer to find out: Man-Bat finally begins next month, on February 2.

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The character has had at least a couple of solo outings before.