Man and His Robot Friend Take a Road Trip

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Some days, man, the life of two hard-boiled private eyes—one of whom happens to be a robot—requires a drive out into the desert to rest.


This is “Befriend a Robot” by Isaac Still. See more of his work on Instagram.

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“it doesn’t make any damn sense, does it?”
“Yeah. A query without any answers. How long we been doing this?”
“Det Plummer’s time in police service: 16 years, or 51840 hours on clock est. Det Plummer’s time in self-employed service: 19 years, or 383 hours on clock est. Number Eight’s time online: 22 years. Number Eight’s time working with Det Plummer: 19 years.”
“That long? But what does it all mean?”
“What we’re doing, why we’re here, why we keep bustin’ our asses to put away bad guys when worse guys just keep comin’.”
“Drinking; desire and/or addictive personality. Location: “away from the damn noise and filth.” Purpose: Justice.”
“’re damn right. Let’s get back to work.”
“Resuming clock.”