Illustration for article titled emMama/em Director Leaves The emMummy/em Reboot Over Creative Differences

This stinks. We were all really excited to see what Andres Muschietti, the horror director behind Mama, would do with the classic Universal monster movie The Mummy. And now we'll never know, because he's left the project.


The Wrap is reporting that Muschietti left because, "Apparently, the project has changed direction, as Muschietti wanted to deliver a darker take rather than the four-quadrant, more family-friendly action-adventure blockbuster that Universal now has in mind."

It's too bad Universal couldn't support Muschietti taking this film in a darker, more horror-oriented direction. We were excited to see him tackle another monster movie with a larger budget. However we can see why Universal would shift in the other direction, given that they're hoping to create a Marvel Universe-style shared universe for the Mummy, Van Helsing and other films.


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