Male Superheroes And Villains Copy Female Characters' Sexy Poses

When Captain America tries to pose like Catwoman, it becomes painfully clear how unnatural that position is.

The latest installment of Comics Should Be Good's endlessly entertaining illustration challenge The Line It Is Drawn asks its artists to draw male comic book characters in the same poses that their female counterparts have had to endure—much in the vein of the Hawkeye Initiative. Each artist was given a character to draw and a comic book cover to imitate—and the results are predictably hilarious.


Up top, Marco D'Alfonso draws Captain America twisting his back in the style of Catwoman #0. And below is Paul Hostetler dressing the Joker up as Harley Quinn on the cover of Suicide Squad #1:

And Derek Langille gives Spider-Man another Selina Kyle pose, this one from Catwoman #1:


Head over to Comics Should Be Good for more of these twisty-turny remade covers. There is plenty more sexy Spider-Man to be found there.

The Line it is Drawn #182 – Male Superheroes in Female Superhero Poses [Comics Should Be Good via Xombie DIRGE]


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