Malcolm McDowell straps on a steampunk eyepatch for Cowboys & Engines

Pegging Hollywood's steampunk attempts a miserable failure, the crew behind Cowboys & Engines are gearing up to deliver the steampunk action movie you've always wanted. They've already rounded up an Olympic-level genre cast (Battlestar: Galactica's Richard Hatch and Star Trek's Walter Koenig) and today we're happy to announce one more major member joining this steam-powered crew. Actor Malcolm McDowell has been cast as the nefarious Dr. Clay. Check out his eyepatch!

Cowboys & Engines has started fundraising over at Kickstarter promising the goggled masses the steampunk movie they deserve. Here's the official synopsis:

Cowboys & Engines is an ambitious steampunk adventure that follows Cade Ballard (Jeff Cannata), the war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas as he meets Guinivere Wheeler (Libby Letlow), a woman who proves to be as dangerous as she is charming. When they encounter Professor Nicholas Timéon (Walter Koenig), and learn that his temporal engine, a machine with incredible destructive power, has been stolen by would-be conqueror Dr. Clay, Cade and Guinivere set off to save San Francisco from total destruction.


A better look at the big bad Dr. Clay in concept art created by by Jennifer Otenti.

One of Dr. Clay's pocket watches via the Cowboys & Engines website.


Lancelot, the Steampunk horse.


The Myrmidon (not sure exactly what this is yet but they website explains that they "ain't pleasant").

The full cast thus far:

Jeffrey Cannata - (Cade Ballard)
Libby Letlow - (Guinivere Wheeler)
Walter Koenig - (Professor Nicholas Timéon)
Kaila Katesh Freas - (Mercy Timéon)
Ricco Ross - (Marshal Larry Deger)
Stasya Knight - (Symphony Furst)
Peter James Smith - (Dr. Yeuh)
Derrick Pierce - (Iron Mike)
Chase McKenna - (Salomé)
Roberto Sanchez - (Deadeye)


To support this feature, head over to the official Kickstarter page and make a pledge for a better quality of steampunk.

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