Malcolm McDowell explains why the death of Captain Kirk was such a waste

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Just in case you needed another reason to love Malcolm McDowell, here you go. The Clockwork Orange star, who played the villain Soran in Star Trek: Generations, explains in a new interview with Metro why he thought Kirk's death was a waste:

"Poor old Captain Kirk," he said in a telephone interview from California with The Canadian Press. "It was sad, really. Honestly, the producers should have given him a much better sendoff than they did."

"The truth is, that's what happened. They should have given him a glorious death. If they're going to kill one of the icons of American television, then get rid of him in a beautiful way. I was very disappointed that they didn't come up with something a little better."

McDowell described Montreal-born Shatner and his co-star Leonard Nimoy as charismatic actors who kept the "Star Trek" franchise alive, something he believes should have been acknowledged.

"We shot it twice," McDowell said of Kirk's death scene. "It was feeble, I thought, because I thought he deserved better."


And actually, doing some searching, it looks like McDowell has expressed similar sentiments before. Last year, he told another interviewer that Kirk's death was "poor," even after the reshoot, and "They should have seen Shatner off in a big way."

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His original death was to be Kirk saving lives on Kittimir, and that is one of the major events that forged the new alliance between Klingon and Federation. Put another way, the original death propelled the story forward and became a lynch-pin for all stories going forward from that point. Generations also destroyed the fictitious Klingon language, Roddenberry had originally not included the phrase 'to-be' to keep Shakespear out of the Klingon Society, to propel the story forward. But then, I have been a fanatic ranting about these since Generations 'graced' the screen. It ruined the story.