The best-known Malaysian science fiction filmmaker, Aziz M. Osman, is coming back to the genre after a decade away. He's best known for the 1990s science fiction epics XXY and XXY 2 that "took Malaysia by storm in the 1990s" according to the Straits Times, and now he's making a robot film called CE1, starring Siti Zie, a new Singaporean actress whom Aziz found on Facebook. And here's what happens in the CG-heavy movie:

CE1 is set in modern Malaysia, revolving around a teen genius named Zaki. His interest in robotics and mechanical engineering isolates him from his peers and the villagers. The boy finds solace in a joint project with another person to create the first-ever Malaysian android robot.

The android, CE1, bears witness to the boy's rite of passage, his first love, and his many accomplishments and misadventures. It also starts to harbour ambitions of its own.


Let's hope this movie rules, and actually finds its way to the US at some point. [New Straits Times]

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