Let's face it: Very few forms of public transit are as awesome as trains. That's why we want to live in a house made of trains, just like the ones in this gallery.

A Soo Line caboose, built in 1909, turned into a vacation home in 1976, somewhere in North Pennsylvania

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Red Caboose Getaway, with seven themed cabooses as private suites in Sequim, Washington

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The Deptford Project Café, designed by Morag Myerscough, converted from a 1960s commuter train carriage, Deptford, London, UK

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A 85-foot-long (25.9 m) 1949 Pullman Railcar, converted into a luxurious home by Liz Mapelli, stands near the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon

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Some Orthodox churches of Russia

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The Train Wreck houseboat, Sausalito, California, converted from a former railcar used by the San Francisco and Northern Pacific Railway between 1889 and 1907, when it became a Northwestern Pacific Railroad car. It was retired in 1936.

The Centennial Inn, an inn converted from one of seven Montana museums on wheels, displayed during the 1964 World's Fair in New York. This car has been retrofitted as a Victorian railcar.

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The 1949 caboose of Samuel and Barbara Davidson on Mercer Island, Washington

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Aurora Express Bed & Breakfast, Fairbanks, Alaska, a hotel with old railroad cars

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Two 40-year-old mail cars, built into a house of a German couple

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A NSWGR "U-Boat" EMU as a café, in Nimmitabel, beside the Monaro Highway, New South Wales, Australia

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A caboose home

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