Make your own Slurm and Bachelor Chow from Futurama!

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Oh, Slurm. You're green. You're delicious. You're highly addictive. But you're also secreted from the rear orifice of Wormulon's corpulent Slurm Queen. You can't be everything to everyone, can you Slurm?


But now, you can make and bottle your very own Slurm, complete with all the qualities we just mentioned... only without that last bit about anal seepage.

In the latest installment of Feast of Fiction, YouTubers Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams show you how to whip up your very own batch of ginger ale Slurm, complete with a bowl of Bachelor Chow — both of which, if we do say so ourselves, look downright delicious. Check out FoF's YouTube Channel for instructionals on other fictitious grub, including butter beer and Lembas Bread. Wimmy wam wam wozzle, everybody!


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Bachelor Chow looks to be a mix of Soylent green and Soylent brown smothered in Soylent gravy.