Make your own disco-sparkly unicorn poop cookies

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If unicorns fart rainbows, it only makes sense that they would poop out delicious, multicolored baked goods. Now you can replicate the magical droppings of these mythical creatures right in your own kitchen.

Instructables user kristylynn84 has shared her recipe for these fecal-inspired treats, as well as the backstory of their inception:

This unicorn poop, in reality, has a funny story. I told my mom that I was making some "Unicorn Sneezes" and she said "when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?" And then it hit me...Great idea, Mom! It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead! She doesn't want the credit for encouraging me, but I still thank her. Haha. BTW: These things are sparkly to the max. Even more-so than ANY art project. I wish that the video would have captured the magic. *cry*


An incredible amount of sparkly and neon baking supplies go into these, including something frighteningly called "rainbow disco dust."

The real upshot is, that the next time I eat something chock full of sugar and artificial coloring, I'm going to announce that it tastes like a unicorn pooped in my mouth.

Unicorn Poop Cookies [Instructables via Laughing Squid]

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"disco-sparkly unicorn poop" must soon become the name of a band.