Make your own coat of arms, just like they have on Game of Thrones

You've seen those amazing sigils from Game of Thrones, borne proudly on the coat of arms belonging to each house. And now you can make your own, with the help of geek masterminds Bonnie Burton (host of Geek DiY on Stan Lee's World of Heroes) and Jenna Busch, who give a quick demonstration of how to create a coat of arms worthy of hanging on your wall.


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I don't know about a sigil, but my family has a motto. While a Lannister always pays his debts, the Eldritch family has taken a line from one of our favorite films and we mutter it to ourselves whenever things start to go wrong. "These things happen. And these things happen because people say "these things happen", so these things happen!".

Wise words. I'd hang that on shield, if we had one.