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Make Your Own Cloverfield, For ABC's Fucked-Future Documentary

We're freaking doomed, according to a new documentary coming in September from ABC News. 2100 will look at the next century, which could be "the last century of our civilization," thanks to global warming, food and fuel shortages, population explosion and general apocalyptic mania. But ABC's super-depressing documentary also has a fun side — you get to create your own dystopian home movies, which may be featured as part of the show. The sample they showed on Good Morning America today looks incredibly Cloverfield-esque, which is a Good Thing. I'm almost ready for New York to vanish under the ocean if it means more teenagers will make their own dystopian home movies. [ABC News]

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Corpore Metal

The Vinge's singularity, if such a vaguely defined thing as technological exponentiation can really be referred to by one concept, won't save us. It will solve some old problems only to replace them with new ones. Ones we can't even imagine yet.

The future is not heaven. It is not hell. It is some maddening, intractable mixture of both. It's kinda like the present. Wonderful in parts, horrible in parts and no easy way to separate the two.

Anyway, this might be really interesting if they didn't have NBC news editors in the way ignoring some submissions while promoting others. I'd rather look at the submissions directly then trust some mainstream new journo dweeb who has naive ideas about the future.