Make your own Alien facehugger pillow

Instructables user Kaisei13 may have outdone the Tauntaun sleeping bag with these diabolical Alien slumber accoutrements. Who wants to tuck their kids into a xenobiological egg?


Explains Kaisei13:

My daughter is obsessed with the AvP game. She has beat it at least 20 times and loves to run around the house hissing and trying to run up walls like a Xenomorph. So for her 8th birthday I made her a plush Alien, and that lead to the idea for a facehugger pillow pet. But to make it a little more unique I added a egg shaped sleeping bag that could be rolled up and put in the tail.

Ah, an intergalactic parasite for your Newts to rest their heads upon. You can learn how to make your own facehugger here.

[Via MAKE]


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