Make Doritos a Super Bowl commercial, win a job on the Avengers 2 set

Every year Doritos manages to scam free ads for the Superbowl by crowd-sourcing the public. The winners get a Super Bowl spot and 30 seconds of fame. But this year they've upped the rewards big time, and the two bests Super Bowl commercial creators will win jobs on Avengers 2.


But you also know what this means: lots of Doritos-centric Marvel commercials. which could honestly be good for a few laughs. Here's our pitch: Loki has a cuddle fight with the Doritos pug. See you on the Avengers 2 set!

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No. It's really that simple. Here, I'll say it another way En Owe, and another, but with internet rage... NO. I'll even spell it wrong: know. how I describe my own approval of my earlier disapproval. Why? Because I can, and in the United States of America I can exercise my right to stand-up against tyranny...which...has nothing to do with a Doritos commercial. I am also exercising my freedom of religion; my religious exemption...which has nothing to do with all....whatsoever.

That said...I'll be clicking that link now and stunning then with my COGtackular ideas; or not. Either way I won't be sharing them with anyone that could eat them <—-pun intended.