Make a robot uprising video, and win $750!

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Robopocalypse, the long-awaited novel from How to Survive a Robot Uprising author Daniel H. Wilson, is arriving this summer. And to help prepare the populace for the crushing onslaught of robotic domination, Doubleday wants you to create a Robopocalypse trailer.


All the details on the contest are over at the Facebook page for Robopocalypse, which is soon to be a motion picture from Steven Spielberg. But here's the crucial bit:

Create and submit a video inspired by Daniel H. Wilson's new novel ROBOPOCALYPSE, and you could win one of three cash prizes:

* Grand Prize: $750
* First Prize: $500
* Second Prize: $250

Enjoy it now! Money won't be worth much when they come.

So if you've been dying to create a robot onslaught video, and you find the descriptions of mechanical carnage in the book excerpt over at Facebook inspirational, then this is your chance to make some money for your robotic creativity. Who knows? You might impress your future robot overlords so much, they decide to spare you. But probably not. [Facebook]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I know this has been going on for a while, but when did "first prize" become second prize?