Fallout fan and Instructables user Rabdiga wanted to build a musical instrument that could be easily assembled during the end of days. His idea? A charming pan pipe made out of used bullet casings:

I came up with this for a contest being held over at www.wastelandoutpost.com where we were to build a post apocalyptic musical instrument for under thirty dollars. Being the cheapskate I am I made this one from scraps lying around the house, though to buy the stuff new it would still be under $10.

Super easy to make. Took me about an hour even though I am clumsy as hell when it comes to working with wire. Depending on your choice of supplies it could have easily been finished in half the time. And while they don't sound perfect I was able to belt out a killer 'Ode to Joy' even if it was a bit out of tune.


You can read his full guide here.

[Via Nerdcore]