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When we saw an amazing pair of high-heeled shoes propped up by neon green T-Rexes, we wanted a pair in every dinosaur. Sadly, we couldn't figure out the origin of those theropod shoes, but Instructables user mikeasaurus comes to the rescue with a guide on how to convert ordinary pumps into custom dinosaur heels.


mikesaurus' method does require a bit of welding-so you'll need to know how to weld or know someone who can weld for you to pull this off. Otherwise, the key seems to be finding a pair of plastic dinosaurs that are the same height as the heels you're replacing. He used two Dilophosaurus toys from his local dollar store.

I suspect someone with the skills to replicate mikesaurus' results could make a killing on Etsy making custom heels in a variety of sizes and species.


Dinosaur Heels [Instructables via Geekologie]

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