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Major Villain Hints For Ghostbusters 3 And Transformers 3!

Illustration for article titled Major Villain Hints For Ghostbusters 3 And Transformers 3!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Sources may have uncovered the main villain of Ghostbusters 3. Meanwhile, a Transformers villain may be coming back. Lost's Evangeline Lilly reveals the "main man" in Kate's life. Christopher Lloyd comes to Chuck! Plus The Wolfman and Fringe spoilers!


Ghostbusters 3:

So now it's been confirmed (sort of) that Venkman will be a ghost in the film. And there are rumors swirling about the movie's villain. As recently as last summer, says Cinematical, the central mythology of the film was based around the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, which features a war between good and evil. And evil is personified by Ahriman, the god of darkness and destroyer of good. Even if it's true that the film still revolves around Zoroastrianism, it's still not clear if Ahriman is actually the villain, but it's possible that Ahriman plays a similar role to Gozer in the first film, unleashing evil spirits. [Cinematical]


Transformers 3:

Tony Todd, who voiced the Fallen in the last movie, says he's already been told he'll be back in this one — but will he be playing the Fallen? Or a new character? [Den Of Geek via TFW2005]

The Wolfman:

Hugo Weaving says he's not sure if he'll be in the sequel — if any — but it sounds, at least, like his character doesn't die in this one. He says his character, Aberline, "is based, pretty loosely, on Detective Inspector Aberline, who headed up the White Chapel murders of 1889, which became known as the Jack the Ripper murders." And Emily Blunt says her character has a "forbidden" love with Del Toro's character, because she used to be with his brother. And because she couldn't save her fiance, she made it her mission to save the brother. [IESB]



Nestor Carbonell says we'll find out who the Hostiles are, and explains what's coming next:

There are some amazing twists this season. You're going to see elements of characters that I never thought I'd play for my character and I think others didn't expect to play them in their own characters. There are going to be emotional highs and lows for people that you've never seen. With respect to alliances, there's going to be a lot of movement and fluctuations. There will be loyalty, but there's going to be a lot of shifting and power struggle, which is always at play. Everyone's mettle is tested in this final season. It's the payoff season where all of those loose ends, or most of them, will be tied. A lot of those big conflicts will be resolved.


And he says Richard Alpert's been insecure this whole time, always being an adviser rather than a leader and often being in conflict with the leaders he's served. He wants redemption for the atrocities he's been a part of, and he wants answers. [TV Guide]

In tonight's episode, Kate and Sawyer will share a heartbreaking scene on the end of a dock (probably right after Sawyer drops Juliet's engagement ring into the water) and another one inside a house, which might turn some Skaters into Jewelers. Kate will see how deep Sawyer's feelings for Juliet really go. Also, Jack tries to kill himself — sort of — but it may not be intentional. Also, Rousseau and "the Infection" become factors once again. Also, in the alt-universe, Kate and Claire spend some quality time together, and we see that Kate may be destined to be part of Aaron's life even without crashing on the island — but the same may be true of someone else. Also, an old "frenemy" will reappear. [E! Online]


Evangeline Lilly feels like Kate has exhausted her romantic possibilities with both Jack and Sawyer on the Island, but in the alt-universe, they've got a blank slate and can start all over again. And the "man of Kate's life now is Aaron. And I think he takes precedence over both of those men." (Really?) And Matthew Fox hints that we'll keep seeing alt-Jack having "glimpses or flashes of something forgotten." [Doc Arzt]

Hiroyuki Sanada explains that his character, Dogen, is a doctor, who's been on the Island for a long time, and now he's kind of a temple master. (And don't forget, Dogen was the name of a great Zen master, so he joins Locke, Faraday and various other symbolically named characters.) [IGN]


Two-thirds of the way through filming the season, there are already a lot of casualties, says Michael Emerson, who seriously doubts Ben will survive to the end of the series. [NBC Chicago via SpoilersLost]

Here's another promo for tonight's episode:

So you noticed the smoke monster didn't kill Ben when it killed everyone else inside the statue last week. Michael Emerson says there's a good reason that the smoke monster can't kill Ben. And Jacob's agenda is definitely more complicated than we know. [Fancast]



Christopher Lloyd will guest star as Dr. Leo Dreyfus, a CIA psychiatrist who provides therapy for spies and ex-spies, in episode 3x16. [ChuckTV]


Also, this show will have a two-hour season finale, as the last two episodes of the season air back to back from 8 to 10 PM on Monday, May 24. [ChuckTV]


Now that Olivia's seen the "glimmer" on Peter, that moment is going to weigh heavily on Walter, say the producers. He's going to owe Olivia an explanation, and sort of brings her up to speed in a "really great episode." The way Walter and Olivia agree to deal with the situation is really interesting and will intrigue the fans. Also, they hint strongly that Olivia won't tell Peter what she knows about him, and Peter may never find out — but this could be "another brick" between the two of them. [OliviaAndPeter]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.

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If the writers for "Fringe" have any kind of druthers, I hope they have Peter figure out his alternate universe origins by himself. The guy is supposed to have a 190 IQ. He's gotten plenty of clues (odd memories of different toys, Walter's lover/test subject saying Peter shimmers and glows, etc.).

Personally I'd rather they beefed up his character a bit and rate this high IQ he allegedly has.