Major New Characters Coming To Green Lantern, Supernatural And Stargate Universe

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

The Green Lantern movie will add a new character to the mythos, and meanwhile two new G.I. Joe posters celebrate the movie's ninja mysteries. Plus there are mega-detailed spoilers on Supernatural and Stargate Universe. Plus New Moon/True Blood spoilers!


Green Lantern:

I think we missed this when it was reported a while back — writer Marc Guggenheim says that there's one totally new member of the space-police Green Lantern Corps. in the movie, who isn't from the comics. And there's a very specific story-related reason for creating that new Lantern. [MTV via UGO]

G.I. Joe:

Two new posters by artist J. Scott Campbell foreground the smouldering tension between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. [Movie Poster via IESB]

Illustration for article titled Major New Characters Coming To Green Lantern, Supernatural And Stargate Universe
Illustration for article titled Major New Characters Coming To Green Lantern, Supernatural And Stargate Universe

New Moon:

Jackson Rathbone describes the second Twi-movie:

It's gonna be raging…action-packed, more steamy romance. You get to see a lot more crazy stuff happening. We went deeper into the world now, and it's gonna be a fun thrill ride for everyone.


And then he gives almost the same description of his other upcoming movie, The Last Airbender:

It's been incredible, a great set. I really believe we're making a film that's going to be epic. It's gonna move people. I think the movie's gonna turn out beautiful.


So just so you keep them straight, one is action-packed and romantic, the other one is epic. Got it? [New Moon Movie]

Separately, Christopher Heyerdahl describes his character in the new movie:

This guy, poor old Marcus, is a 3,000-odd-years-old vampire who has spent at least the last 2,000 of it with a broken heart... When Marcus is brought in, he's there against his will. He and his love tried to leave an awfully long time ago. Through a series of tragic circumstances, the love of his life was killed, and he's now being forced to stay and use his powers for the betterment of the Volturi. He's not exactly there, waking up and looking forward to eternity. When Edward and Bella come walking in, his ability to sense the power of their connection is something that wakes him up, brings him back from the boredom of that eternal life and sparks something in him that brings Marcus as close to excitement as he can get. That idea has to be contained and expressed as little as possible to his rather power-hungry captain-in-arms, Aro, which makes for a rather interesting conflict.


[Sci Fi Wire]


Samantha Ferris blogs that she'll be back as the too-long-missing Ellen this season — and does that mean more Jo as well? As for what happens when Ellen comes back, Ferris says:

There might be some salt.....maybe a demon or two......and a whoooole lotta bad s**t going on. There. I'm sure i have totally shed light on the situation for you. (Aren't there things called spoilers for that?)


That totally clears up everything. [, thanks TaterPie!]

Meanwhile, Michael Ausiello reports that the show is adding a new recurring character: Raphael, a mechanic who gets possessed by "one of the most powerful beings in the universe." E! Online adds more details: Raphael is an archangel, whose specialty is healing — and he may be able to help with Sam's "nervous breakdown" that launches the new season. (That doesn't sound good.) Also, Chuck the Prophet will be back as well — he doesn't make any specific prophecies, but he does help Sam and Dean with a tough situation. [EW and E! Online]


Stargate Universe:

In episode 14 of this show, "Lucid," we'll meet Gloria Rush, the late wife of Robert Carlyle's character Nic Rush. Apparently she was a concert violinist who died of cancer two and a half years ago, and Nic has never deal with her death. Says the casting call:

She was beautiful and tragically struck down in what should have been the high time of her life. She was successful in the thing she loved doing most, in love, and happy. Her only regret was that they could not have children but then, considering how young she would die, she would later admit it may have been for the better. She was the light of Rush's life and her death has left him bitter, cold and somewhat willing to take risks with his own life that he never would have when she was alive. Her death has also driven him to become even more obsessed with uncovering the mysteries of the universe.


And in episode 14, Nic Rush does an experiment with the ship's computer that causes him to flash back to the time when Gloria was dying, which was also when he was recruited into the Stargate program. So he has to confront the pain he's avoided for so long. And Ausiello says they're seeking a "name" actor to play Gloria. [EW and SpoilerTV and Gateworld]


Matt "Kyle XY" Dallas will play a hot young love interest for Rebecca Romijn's character. I can't really picture him playing any other role besides Kyle, to be honest. [E! Online]


True Blood:

Here's another behind-the-scenes video, which gives away that our main human characters will still be alive by the end. There's mysterious writing on a statue and an Anubus Air shuttle in Bon Temps. [TV Overmind]


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.


It says in those links that the Stargate Universe episode is called "Lucid", not "Lush".

Looks like a promising episode, though.