Major Hints And Glimpses Of Iron Man 2, District 9, Paul And Lost!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a logo for Iron Man 2's Stark Expo, a better look at District 9's spaceship, and a new character in Simon Pegg's Paul. Also, Darlton spill real Lost hints. Plus Fringe, Supernatural, Heroes, Eureka, Smallville and FlashForward.

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Iron Man 2:

Here's your first look at the logo for the Stark Expo, which is sort of a World's Fair type event that Tony Stark's company sponsors. More of this image at the link. [IESB]


District 9:

A new poster for this alien-interment film shows a better look at that flying saucer. [Slashfilm]

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Some more details about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's alien road-trip movie. Jane Lynch plays the owner of a theme restaurant called the Ai-Linn, full of alien paraphernalia and junk. And after a group of rednecks almost beats the tar out of Pegg and Frost, Lynch steps in and saves the day. [Sci Fi Wire]



Luke "Prince Nuada" Goss will guest star in at least one episode of Fringe this season. But when will he be famous? [SpoilerTV]


Episode 2.02 introduces us to Father Kenzie, a blind priest who's got gravitas and a piercing insight. He may be a recurring character. [SpoilerTV]


James Moran drops a minor spoiler for episode three of "Children Of Earth," which airs Wednesday in the U.K. Watch out for the awesome "chopping-board action," he says. [Den Of Geek]



Filming for V will be done by January 14, 2010, which could mean that Elizabeth Mitchell is available to return to Lost by mid-January. So does that mean a Juliet comeback towards the end of the show? [Spoilers Lost]


So all that stuff about how the new season will feel more like season one? It's beginning to sound like there will be "a circularity" to the show's storyline, as producers Cuse and Lindelof put it. Also, the smoke monster will become "an interesting character in and of itself." The ending will be bittersweet and "fair," and will not make all of the fans happy. [Broadcast via Zap2It]


Lucifer will look "Pellegrino-shaped" for the entire season, and he'll recur throughout season five. Also, Castiel has a major personal story arc which coincides with the arc running throughout the entire season. [E! Online]



This show isn't really even necessarily a science fiction show, says executive producer David Goyer. (I think that's code for "Please don't cancel us.") He adds that it's not necessarily the case that aliens cause everybody to glimpse six months into the future — but the "maybe not scifi" thing makes me think the explanation will be prosaic, somehow. [E! Online]


Warehouse 13:

OMG this show launches tonight, on the newly renamed Syfy Channel. Last minute spoilerage: The two Secret Service agents get reassigned to the warehouse in the middle of nowhere after they save the president from a weird bleeding Aztec mask. The warehouse-keeper's office is full of steampunk touches, like his computer keyboard has typewriter keys and the walkie-talkies resemble oversized sardine cans. There's a wishing kettle that creates ferrets, and wallets contact the dead. Main characters and Pete and Myka start off hating each other but eventually bond, but luckily Saul Rubinek and CCH Pounder (playing Mrs. Frederic) are much more interesting to watch. [Reuters]



Chloe and Oliver will not be hooking up. The big romance arc next season is Lois and Clark. [E! Online]



A beloved, original castmember may be leaving the show by the end of the new season. Also, the new organization, the Carnival, really is the opposite of the Company — meaning that freaks are welcome. [E! Online]


True Blood:

Eric's blood will bring Lafayette back to fighting trim, and we'll see the happy-go-lucky Lafayette again. And meanwhile, a developing romance between Eric and Sookie is on the way, by the sound of things. Meanwhile, Eggs and Tara are by no means done, and that sexual tension between Jason and the preacher's wife is heading towards something. And both Hoyt and Jessica are into each other, but she's not a one-man type of vampire, just yet. [Zap2It]


There will be an "electric" reunion between the Stackhouse siblings, where they team up for the greater good, says Ryan Kwanten. Also, we meet Godric the vampire and his lieutenants Stan and Isabel in the July 19 episode. Isabel runs with the Dallas vampires, but becomes friends with Bill and Eric. Isabel also takes a liking to Sookie, becuase she likes humans and feels sympathetic to Sookie's love story. Also, the second season finale only takes place two weeks after the end of season one. [E! Online]

[E! Online]


Here are official descriptions for the show's first four episodes after it returns:

3.09: "Welcome Back, Carter". Following his termination as sheriff, Carter interviews for a job with the Department of Homeland Security. Deputy Lupo resigns when she learns the new sheriff is a very personable robot.

3.10: "Your Face or Mine". Carter takes a grueling recertification exam that tests him physically and psychologically; Allison pitches a town-wide DNA-monitoring security system to Henry that injures Deputy Lupo during the inaugural scan.

3.11: "Insane in the P-Brane." Objects become ambulatory after Dr. Tess Fontana (Jamie Ray Newman) reopens Section Five, which may be the work of poltergeists.

3.12: "It's Not Easy Being Green." Long-term rivals from Area 51 visit Eureka for a bowling tournament; Carter probes an escalating series of pranks.



Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.


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"The big romance arc next season is Lois and Clark"

what weird choice of a couple, where do they get a idea like that...