Major Freaking Lost Spoiler Alert!

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A new Lost spoiler is so major, it broke my brain. Plus: a Star Trek pic, a Wolverine trailer, and inside dirt on Land Of The Lost and Transformers 2. Heroes clips! Supernatural death! Aaaaaaaaspoilers!


Star Trek:

Another day, another batch of early Trek reviews, containing some spoilers. Variety says the movie starts with a 12-minute "action prologue" (presumbly the Kelvin battle) and Captain Pike says "Let's punch it," about 40 minutes in. Kirk starts out cocky, but then experiences enough setbacks and "rough surprises" that he's forced to become more thoughtful. Uhura "bestows her favors on one officer to the exasperation of another."

Meanwhile, Urban Cinefile says that Spock says "Fear is necessary for command," but later finds out that love is sometimes a better reason than logic. (And Uhura is "appealing" as Spock's love interest.) And we get to see the Enterprise's maiden voyage.

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And here's a picture of Kirk on his badass motorcycle. Bigger version at the link. [MTV]

Meanwhile, Simon Pegg explains about Scotty's sidekick Keenser:

Scotty is not alone on that planet, there's another guy there with him who just happens to be an oyster faced little guy called Keenser played by the brilliant Deep Roy who is a fantastic actor. You know, the literally multicultural nature of space is something that is always interesting. Keenser's no Jar Jar man, come on! What we really liked playing in that whole thing is the notion that these two guys have pretty much been stranded on [Delta Vega] alone and have kind of a slightly odd couple relationship, where they kind of don't like each other but really will miss each other when they're apart and it was another part of trying to create a universe that was varied and multicultural.



Land Of The Lost:

The new movie keeps the original TV show's theme song ("On a routine expedition," etc.) But Anna Friel's character is not Will Ferrell's daughter, but a woman who convinces him to carry on his abandoned research. And Danny McBride is not Ferrell's son, but rather a "scummy survivalist" and gas-station owner, who gets dragged along. [MTV]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

The fact that Optimus came up short in his battle against Megatron at the end of the first movie was on the minds of the writers as they worked on the sequel, says Roberto Orci. And Soundwave, summed up in one word, is "Spy." And he adds that Soundwave isn't following Megatron exactly, but rather "doing his own thing." [TLAMB]


X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

A new Internet-only trailer includes a good look at Logan's bone claws during his first fight with Sabretooth, plus more of the Blob.


There's an alarmingly huge Lost spoiler, which (if true) would make me quite sad. Supposedly Daniel Faraday is the son of Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking. And after Faraday returns to the island via submarine, he goes to talk to Dr. Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle and tells him the truth about the island and Chang's son, Miles. Daniel tries to convince Chang to evacuate the island.


Daniel then ventures to the Others' camp and tries to talk to his mother, Eloise. But before he gets the chance, she shoots him and he dies. She doesn't realize until afterwards that he was her son. She finds out from Jack and Kate what Daniel was planning to do, and she swears to carry it through with help from Richard. [The ODI]


The rumors that Bobby's going to die in the season finale keep coming. And in an interview, Jim Beaver reiterated that Bobby is only briefly in that episode. And he refused to comment on what Bobby's role would be in season five. "I'm not sure what I could say that would be both truthful and helpful." Noooo not Bobby! [Fanbolt]


But when TV Guide confronted Beaver about those rumors, he insisted "Nobody takes Bobby down easy!" (I just watched the one where two little girls almost took down Bobby, so I'll reserve judgement. Okay, they were ghosts. But still.) Beaver also said the season finale is "intense and astonishing," and "people are going to have their expectations toppled." [TV Guide]


A bunch of clips from Monday's season finale:


Erica Durance explains what tonight's episode means for Lois and Clark:

What's lovely is you get to see Clark see Lois in a totally different light -totally smitten and sweet, with all of her barriers down - and that is really romantic... Clark becomes closer to Lois, because he gets to see this honest and generous side of her. I was pretty thrilled about it.


[TV Guide]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.



If Faraday dies as described above, I might actually have to let LOST go. He has become the most interesting character on the show, and to have him go out like that just doesn't seem right, or fair, or...just don't do it! Save Faraday!