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Major casting news for Captain America and X-Men: First Class, plus Doctor Who news and a weird Transformers rumor

Illustration for article titled Major casting news for Captain America and X-Men: First Class, plus Doctor Who news and a weird Transformers rumor
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Captain America has landed its Oscar-winning authority figure and X-Men: First Class has its morally ambiguous psychic. We've got tons of news on the future of Doctor Who and key updates on what lies ahead for True Blood. Spoilers ahoy!


Captain America:

At last, it's official. Tommy Lee Jones has signed on to play Colonel Chester Phillips, the man who first recruits Steve Rogers to join the project that turns him into Captain America. Marvel's press release makes a point of saying he's going to be "updated" for the film, so make of that what you will. [Marvel]


X-Men First Class:

Alice Eve is apparently in talks to play psychic Emma Frost. Rosamund Pike was originally reported as being up for this role, but she's now revealed to be playing Moira MacTaggert instead. For those unfamiliar with her, Alice Eve is the British actress who I imagine was the best part of the otherwise execrable She's Out Of My League (I haven't seen it, but the female lead is always the best part of movies like that). [CinemaBlend]

Transformers 3:

Some of you might ask why we're dignifying a random question from Yahoo Answers as a spoiler. Well, when the question is this - "The rumor I heard; Transformers 3 will have a "gay" Transformer, a Pink and Purple sports car, with a male effeminate voice. Any truth to this rumor??" - we pretty much consider it our duty to pass it along. For the record, the two answers thus far are "[I'm] not sure it would matter since their machines made of metal and all that" and "I haven't heard this rumor. I would think it would be unlikely, but who knows after the Twins, anything could happen." Our thoughts exactly, pretty much. [Yahoo Answers]


The Hobbit:

So it looks like we're back to square one again, as Harry Knowles says Peter Jackson isn't least, not yet. (He amusingly does this by attributing an anonymous quote to someone called "Derek", yet it's clearly written from the perspective of Peter Jackson. It's all very weird.) I'd say this is the last we'll talk about The Hobbit until there's official news, but I don't want to lie to you nice people, now do I? More breathless updates on this tomorrow, I'd wager. [AICN]


True Blood:

Let's start with a couple promos for episode four (sorry for the subtitles on the first one):

Sam's little brother Tommy might just be this season's big bad. He is a total sociopath and is going to set about "bringing Bon Temps to its knees" by acting on his every impulse. As actor Marshall Allman explains, he'll take your wallet and your girl without a second thought, but really it's all just about getting the love and attention he never got before. (I love it when actors make excuses for their characters. It's strangely sweet.) Also, Tara is headed to some hard times with her "psychological" vampire lover Franklin Mott, but she's going to remain a human for the foreseeable future. [E! Online]


Assuming you can ever look at her again after that sex scene, Bill's maker Lorena might actually end up being pretty likable by season's end. At least, there's more going on with her character than just evil and deeply messed up sex.[E! Online]

Doctor Who:

The latest series of Doctor Who has only just finished, but a ton of spoilers have already flooded the awesome fan forum, Gallifrey Base.


Filming for the Christmas Special will begin July 12-16 in Swansea. The episode is being written by Steven Moffat and will feature both a former cast member of legendary British soap Eastenders and a Hollywood actor. There are also rumors of a "big, big name playing a massive role", which likely describes one of those two other people. "Silence", the major arc of series six, is mentioned at least once in the special, and we hear again from the creepy voice first heard in the TARDIS during The Pandorica Opens - apparently this voice still has some control of the TARDIS.

As for the story itself, this is still up in the air. It was originally thought the special would be set in 1500's England, possibly involving Henry VIII. However, the lines about the Egyptian goddess and the Orient Express in space at the end of The Big Bang were an absolute last minute addition, so they may represent the new direction for the special.


Either way, there are rumors the special will have undertones of A Christmas Carol - something that's been rumored since at least The Runaway Bride, but still - complete with a possible appearance by a past Doctor as the Ghost of Christmas Past. Those Doctors under consideration for this are supposedly Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, and David Tennant, which makes sense when you consider the other Doctors' ages, appearances, or total unwillingness to ever have anything to do with the show ever again. (Also, a few of them are dead, which I guarantee is the only thing stopping Patrick Troughton.) This is probably all nonsense anyway, but here's hoping for a little multi-Doctor goodness.

Moving onto series six, Rory will indeed remain as the Doctor's companion, and in fact will have "loads more to do", which makes me very happy indeed. Amy has "a biiiig secret to get off her chest (nothing bad)!" Obviously, the semi-literal way to interpret that wording is that she's pregnant, but I kind of hope that's not the case. Most importantly, River Song is definitely back, but with a big difference: when we see her in series six, it'll be the first time she meets the Doctor.


And here's who is reportedly writing for the next series: Steven Moffat (of course), Neil Gaiman (probably Episode 3), Paul Cornell, Tom MacRae, Phil Ford (who might be handling the non-Moffat two-parter), and Rob Shearman. As always, please treat these message-board reports as rumor until they're confirmed via official channels.

Finally, on The Sarah Jane Adventures front, Amy and Rory will likely be off on their honeymoon when the Doctor makes his guest appearance, but it's hard to tell whether that's an actual rumor or just a very reasonable guess.


[Major tip of the hat to Bluehinter for compiling all of this in the comments section.]


Despite budget limitations, executive producer Scott Rosenbaum promises that when the battle starts, they really will show a battle. (Of course, they could get around this by just never having a battle at all, which would definitely fit with the general momentum of the first season.) He enjoyed casting genre stars like Alan Tudyk and Michael Trucco and hopes to do plenty more of that. We will see the Visitors without human skin in the second season. And apparently we will get to see Anna and Chad do it. So there's that. [UGO]



Jack and Allison will have another time-travel aided hookup in the fourth season opener. They'll remember it this time, but once again things won't work out for reasons beyond their control. New cast member James Callis says the show is definitely hitting the reset button, as everything is both exactly the same and completely different, with everybody now having to deal with things they can't really cope with.


Warehouse 13:

Time travel is a major part of their season premiere as well. They will be on the trail of original time traveler H.G. Wells, who is a woman played by Jaime Murray of Dexter. [E! Online]


Batman Under the Red Hood:

Check out this cool clip from the next DC animated movie:

The Walking Dead:

Here's a completely awesome quote from special effects/make up artist Greg Nicotero on shooting what is sure to be one of the show's most iconic scenes:

Q: One of the more infamous scenes in the comic is when the zombies do in fact eat a horse. What was that like to shoot?
A.It's almost like a Piranha attack - it really was like a feeding frenzy. We had thirty extras leaning over this prosthetic horse that we created, and they started ripping its insides and its entrails out and going crazy. They were sticking their heads in it and their hands in it. I kind of whipped them into a little bit of a frenzy before we shot, and it was funny because at one point I walked over to Frank and I'm like, "Dude, these guys are so amped up you better shoot this quick before they tear the horse apart!"




Syfy's series about a team of super-powered crimefighters who aren't quite superheroes is in negotiations to land itself a majorly awesome star: David Strathairn, best known for his quietly badass work in Good Night and Good Luck, L.A. Confidential, and The Bourne Ultimatum. He'll be playing the team leader. [CinemaBlend]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.

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James Whitbrook

As much as I love the Tenth Doctor, I would scream with delight at Eight returning for a Christmas cameo.

I love Paul McGann. I recently got into the Big Finish audio plays, and his Doctor is an absolute hoot! I love how he bounces off Sheridan Smith's equally fantastic Lucie.

I'd also like to thank Bluehinter for saving me the trouble of trawling Gallifrey Base's spoiler thread! Good Job, sir.