Majestic Video Re-imagines Earth's Sky If Celestial Bodies Were Closer

Our view of space is quite bland compared to what it could be like, as illustrated by this stunning “alternative celestial history” video produced by Russian space agency Roscosmos.

It’s a whimsical interpretation of what an alternative celestial field of view might look like. The video features everything from the Andromeda galaxy (which is relatively close as it is) and the Crab Nebula through to the Hercules’ Great Globular Cluster and even a supernova and black hole.

The video is in Russian, but the captions (by default) should convey what you’re seeing in English. Be sure to raise the resolution if you can.


Here are some screen grabs:

A nearby supernova.


The Ring Nebula.


The Crab Nebula.


The Great Globular Cluster in Hercules.


The Pleiades.

I’m not entirely certain that many of these objects would appear as bright as they do in the video, or if the environments depicted would lead to habitable or safe environments for life (particularly the black hole depiction). But it’s certainly nice to wonder.


H/t HuffPo!

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