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Maine courthouse haunted by mysterious blur

Several weeks ago, a motion-sensitive security camera in the Lincoln County Courthouse in Wiscasset, Maine captured footage of a curious splotch traveling down an empty hallway. Nobody was in the courthouse at the time and this mobile blot was filmed in daylight. What will stop the reign of this trespassing smudge?

Reports WCSH6:

Courthouse workers say it was daylight at the time so it could not have been a flashlight. And they say if anyone had been in the building the alarm would have sounded. County Commissioner Sheridan Bond says he used a magnifying glass to examine a still frame of the image, and believes he can see a face in the fuzzy object. Others aren't so sure about the face —but they say the camera clearly shows something, and no one has been able to offer a logical explanation of what it might be.


Additionally, employees have reported seeing strange silhouettes in the courthouse on occasion. I'm not sure why everyone in the above video is so calm. Either they've come to terms with the fact that they live in a state that's one oversized Stephen King novella or they've never seen Ghostbusters 2.

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Corpore Metal

Oh for "Bob's" sake, it's a fucking out of focus bug on the dome! Why this isn't staggeringly obvious is beyond me! Did Maine's collective intelligence drop several points?!