Magneto sings that he was "Born This Way"

What do the X-Men and Lady Gaga have in common besides extravagant fashion tastes? As Magneto notes in this X-Men: The First Class-inspired song parody, they were both "Born This Way." [via Neatorama]


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It's pro-mutant garbage like this that's ruining America today! The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves seeing these freaks walking around publicly like this! Being a mutant is wrong. Obviously. I mean, I'm not one, so it should be illegal.

We should at least make them register, and not let them live in the same neighborhood as our kids. I mean, I don't think parents should be forced to answer troubling questions like "Why does Mr. Summers wear those red glasses all the time?"

Plus, some mutants are clearly an invasion of our privacy. Like that Xavier guy, how do I know he's not in my head right now? We need a Mutant registration act to prevent things like that.