Granted, 5628 1/2 Santa Monica Boulevard has changed a lot since Ed Wood and his merry band of grave robbers prowled Hollywood. The 14,000 square foot property, built in 1925, is now an apartment building with a bar, “Gold Diggers Entertainment,” beneath. But still ... it could be yours!

Or could have have been yours, rather. Though an LA Weekly article on the place just went up on Friday, the listing has since been removed, so it looks like someone already made a move on the property. (Hopefully, whoever bought it will seize the chance to bellow out “ALL YOU OF EARTH ARE IDIOTS!” at least once.)


It sure sounds like a unique place with some awesomely weird/seedy/potentially delicious history, per the Weekly piece:

Not only did the property house pulp director Ed Wood’s studio, but it’s also said to have been rehearsal space for the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Guns N’ Roses.

The sale includes 21 vacant bachelor-sized units (part of a onetime hotel), a bar in front that today serves as a go-go venue with Thai bikini dancers, and an added bow-truss building that housed Wood’s Quality Studios and, today, Vicious Reasoning Rehearsal Studios.

The listing agency, Silver Commercial Inc. of Beverly Hills, says the ‘50s Ed Wood classics Plan 9 From Outer Space and Glen or Glenda were filmed there.

A secret room between the ground and second floors was found recently, Kay Sasatomi, associate vice president of Silver Commercial, told us. The room has “no stairs going up or down into it” and appears to have once been used as a barbecue restaurant, she said.

Top image via the Dissolve; lower image via Google Street View

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