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Hasbro has been prepping movie debuts, from Candyland to Clue, but it sounds like they have an offbeat plan for their fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering: forcing it into contemporary times. Will fans accept a modern-day Magic?


In an interview with MTV CEO Brian Goldner explained that they were going with the Planeswalker mage story, in which the mage can travel through time. Meaning, we could see a movie set in the here and now.

They are much more contemporary people, and their powers are much more contemporary in nature, and more consistent with the people who play our games. And I think that could provide an interesting point of difference versus the historical Merlin or wizards type of storyline."


Hmmm, not really sure how everyone will feel about this, but we can see how this might appeal to a broader audience. Still the project is a long way off, so many changes could be made.

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