Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, global warming, beer, volcanoes, dinosaurs, Joss Whedon, snowstorms, and more!

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Tip: Global warming is going to murder us without warning but it's all good in the hood because beer is apparently a panacea elixir of wonder.

mamadragon49 had two wonderfully disparate tips to share with us. The first tip was one full of foreboding about the oncoming apocalypse courtesy of global warming:

Isn't it wonderful that people still don't get the message that we are very close to, if we haven't actually reached or passed, the "point of no return."

Climate 'Tipping Points' May Arrive Without Warning, Says Top Forecaster

Arctic climate changing faster than expected

Mamadragon's second tip brings a silver lining to an otherwise crappy cloud. Beer is magic! Well, I think we all knew that already, but now there's proof:

I guess I should give up coffee and cigarettes for beer but it just wouldn't be the same. However, for those of you who love your brew, now you can justify it.

Beer Is a Rich Source of Silicon and May Help Prevent Osteoporosis


Tip: In other angry nature news, this volcano is literally crapping lightning.


According to Roklimber, this is the Sakurajima Volcano which is full of lightning for some reason (I can only assume this reason is Zeus' wrath or something similar) and you can get more info here.

Tip: Ever had the itch to see a T-Rex get it on? Neither have I.

EdificeComplex has brought it to our attention that Discovery is launching the series you never knew (or at least admitted) you wanted: Tyrannosaurus Sex. Cute.


Tip: Attention Whedon Legion! Do I have a toy for you!


MattchasesSuns shared this tip. Yes, that is a Doctor Horrible action figure and, yes, you should be excited because it is awesome. You can drop the almost $70 it takes to own this beauty here.

Tip: Just how bad was the snowstorm in DC? Let this video enlighten you.

Roklimber shared this video with us and let me just say... damn:

Amazing time-lapse video of snowstorm in Washington, DC.

Tip: Roklimber's Science Picks for the Week

Waking the Dead: Scientists Reconstruct Nuclear Genome of Extinct Human Being

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have become the first to reconstruct the nuclear genome of an extinct human being. It is the first time an ancient genome has been reconstructed in detail.

Guess which mad scientist is funding this research... I'll give you a hint. He lives in Copenhagen and is a frequent commenter here on io9.

Seeing the Brain Hear Reveals Surprises About How Sound Is Processed

New research shows our brains are a lot more chaotic than previously thought

Selective Brain Damage Modulates Human Spirituality, Research Reveals

NASA launches Solar Dynamics Observatory

Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?

And in conclusion, here is the cutest sensor system ever.


Via Roklimber

Millimeter-Scale, Energy-Harvesting Sensor System Can Operate Nearly Perpetually

And it's tiny !

Please join me in a chorus of "awwww."