Maggie Q Isn't Starring In Femme Nikita Series After All. Plus Doctor Who's New TARDIS Described!

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Nikita's star has been cast... and it's not Maggie Q. The Cape gets a supervillain, and Transformers 3 may lose a key human castmember. Plus tons of details on Doctor Who's season opener and the Planet Of The Apes prequel!

Transformers 3:

Sam's dad, Ron Witwicky, may not be in the third movie! The Hollywood Reporter mentions that actor Kevin Dunn is in negotiations to reprise the role in Transformers 3 — but it's not a sure thing, because of contractual issues and the fact that Dunn is co-starring in a new HBO series. Is there even any point in making a third film without Dunn? I mean, it's really all about the characters. [THR via TLAMB]



This prequel to Planet Of The Apes includes tons of details to make it clear it's a prequel, specifically, to the 1968 film. There's a reference, in the beginning, to Col. Taylor's ship, the Icarus, going missing. There are also reportedly a ton of inside references and nods to the original films — too many to list here. As Caesar changes, his eyes turn green. He's sent to live in a monkey house, where he manages to unite the divided chimps, orangutans and gorillas. By the end of the movie, humanity's downfall is well underway. Caesar is determined to be non-violent, but he sits by while other apes go on a violent rampage. The film explains how Caesar's existence makes the other apes evolve, and why the apes in the POTA films are so much bigger and look nothing like chimps, gorillas or orangutans. More details at the link. [CHUD]

Toy Story 3:

Annnd... here's another new poster. This time showing the gang emerging from their storage box into their new daycare center home. [CinemaBlend]



So remember how Maggie Q was cast as the lead in this show, and there was much talk about this being the "highest profile" drama series role for an Asian-American star on U.S. television? Well, back up. Turns out, Maggie Q plays the old Nikita, the one who's gone rogue and is on the run. Lyndsy Fonseca (How I Met Your Mother) plays the new Nikita, a 19-year-old who's sentenced to 25 years in a federal penitentiary, then recruited by a secret government agency to hunt down Q's character. She's recruited because she's an "attractive, young, white female with virtually no personal ties or paper trail," which is an ideal profile for this sort of work. Melinda Clarke plays Amanda, an operative who's tasked with educating Fonseca's character on "how to use her femininity to her advantage." Aaron Stanford (aka Pyro) plays Birkhoff, a computer specialist who loves Red Bull, potato chips and watching skateboarding bloopers on YouTube. Sigh.


Update: The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Maggie Q is still a new assassin in training, and Fonseca will merely play another trainee assassin. Let's hope THR is right and Futon Critic is wrong. Thanks to kofianna for the heads up! [The Futon Critic and The Futon Critic]

Doctor Who:

A new Telegraph article has literally a squillion details about Matt Smith's first episode. Including the strange fact that the producers originally wanted Smith's costume to be pirate-esque.


Smith's Doctor will continue regenerating throughout his first episode, and this will be a somewhat involved process by the sound of things. The TARDIS crashlands in the village of Leadworth, where he meets his "kooky" new companion Amy. And the world is threatened with destruction by the Atraxi, "thuggish galactic policemen," not to be confused with the Judoon. Leadworth has a duck pond, whose total absence of ducks sparks an argument between the Doctor and Amy. And as you'll no doubt remember from set reports, a red phone booth blows up. It rained a lot during filming, but new showrunner Steven Moffat may explain that away by saying the Atraxi are preparing to boil the planet.

In one key scene, Smith tries to attract the Atraxi's attention by using his sonic screwdriver (or rather David Tennant's) and then the sonic screwdriver explodes. The Doctor has 20 minutes to save the world, still wearing Tennant's raggedy costume — and he does it with two minutes to spare. Oh, and there are at least a couple "CGI monsters" in this episode.


The new TARDIS interior is probably three times the size of David Tennant's — let's just pause to let that sink in. There are multiple levels, joined by staircases. And the Telegraph adds:

Less grubby than its predecessor, with a transparent plastic floor on the main level, its walls are resplendent with polished copper and its central column features a blown glass decoration that could be straight from Tales of the Unexpected. There are old car seats and downstairs – downstairs! – a swing. With a nod to Paul McGann's Tardis, the central column features an old TV screen on an extendable trellis. It also has a 1980s-style computer keyboard, and a His-Master's-Voice style trumpet speaker. Viewers won't see this Tardis until the end of episode one, when the Doctor and Amy walk in for their first journey together.


And once again, we hear about the "fairy-tale quality" of episode one. Can you wait? If you can, there is something wrong with you. [Telegraph]


New producer Scott Rosenbaum explains what to expect from this show:

"There will be three or four huge, oh-my-God, wow...I-didn't-see-that-coming [moments]," he promises. Plus, big things to come between Anna (Morena Baccarin) and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell). "Those two are...circling each other, looking for each other's weaknesses and then-boom-the fight happens."


[E! Online]

Warehouse 13:

In case you missed it, we now know why Jewel Staite says her guest role is such a treat for Browncoats. She's co-starring with her former Firefly love interest Sean Maher. Only this time, the roles are reversed. Says the press release:

In "Mild Mannered," Maher plays Sheldon, a quiet unassuming guy whose exposure to a dangerous object brings about shocking physical change. Staite portrays Loretta, the object of his unrequited love. Staite starred as Kaylee Frye and Maher as Dr. Simon Tam in the hit series, Firefly, the award-winning 2002 drama from creator Joss Whedon.


[Sci Fi Wire]


A new promo for episode 2x15, "Peter". [FringeTV]


Remember this CW show about teens who go to a rave and then discover they're changelings? Of course you do. David Gallagher (7th Heaven) will play Tim Bleeker, a changeling who's gone to the dark side — otherwise known as a Cutter. (Really?) He'll have a dark, androgynous look to him. [The Futon Critic]



The first casting news for this Syfy movie is out. Eric Roberts will play the mad scientist who creates this "unholy hybrid," reveals Syfy's Karen O'Hara via Twitter. [Twitter via ShockTillYouDrop]


The Cape:

More casting news, this time for the NBC cop-turned-superhero show. James Frain (The Tudors) will play a supervillain:

Peter Fleming, the Chairman and CEO of the Blackwater-esque Lynx Corporation, who moonlights as "Chess," a murderous villain. Chess is described as wearing a tight black mask in which only his freakish eyes - contact lenses bearing a rook and knight emblem - are visible.


Also, Dorian Missick will play Marty Voyt, a friend of the main character, Vince, who tries to recruit Vince to join Lynx's security forces. [The Futon Critic]

Stargate Universe:

One promo pic for episode 16, "Human." [SpoilerTV]

Also, season two filming began today with "Pathogen," which will actually air fourth, and is directed by Robert Carlyle. [Twitter via Gateworld]



A Canadian promo for Monday's episode features new footage, plus an ultra-grating voiceover. [SpoilerTV]


Seth MacFarlane had a brief cameo in the pilot as an FBI agent, and he'll reappear briefly in at least one more episode — before, probably, getting shot. [Sci Fi Wire]


Here's a sneak peek from the March 18 episode:

James Callis' character is named Gabriel McDow, and he has a unique spin on the "many worlds" concept. Sonia Walger explains:

Olivia meets this strange character who seems to know an enormous amount about her future, and is very definitive about what he knows – he's played by James Callis, who was in Battlestar Galactica amongst other things – and the reason he knows so much about Olivia's future is that it turns out he has had multiple flash-forwards. So he becomes integral to her believing and subscribing to the idea that there is an alternative, that there was another path that she might have gone on. He also becomes of huge importance to the FBI investigation.


And it sounds like McDow has experienced psychic damage from his multiple flash-forwards. [TV Overmind]


The producers answer a question about Vincent's fate — and turns out, he's the only character guaranteed to survive. [Doc Arzt]

Filming, probably for the third-to-last episode, is taking place. In a scene at the school, both Ben and Locke look injured. Locke is still in his wheelchair, of course, and Ben has a broken arm. Ben is beaten up by a guy who gets out of a car — possibly Desmond. And the injured Ben walks out of the school with Alex and gets introduced to Alex's mother, Rousseau, in a scene that mirrors when Ben introduced Alex to her mother back in season four. [SpoilersLost]


Here's another clip from Tuesday's Sawyer-centric episode. [Doc Arzt]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.


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