That’s a lot of pushing and poking.
Gif: Viking

We’ve all been guilty of raiding the office supply closet for non-work reasons. Maybe it’s to build a paperclip chain, or to cover a co-workers cubicle in sticky notes. But few of us have gone so far as to create a tabletop Star Wars mural using 28,800 painstakingly embedded thumb tacks.


This masterpiece was created by employees at Viking, a UK-based office supply seller who probably had easy access to the tens of thousands of thumb tacks needed to complete the stormtrooper mosaic.

Illustration for article titled Made With 28,800 Thumb Tacks, This iStar Wars/i Conference Table Is a Finger-Killing Masterpiece

Except for maybe spending an equal amount of time designing and building a robot to do the hard work, there’s no short cut to jabbing 28,800 thumb tacks into a table. It all had to be done by hand, requiring multiple employees to spend 39 hours on the project.

The final result was covered with a raised glass surface to protect the stormtrooper underneath, to make it usable as an actual conference table, and to presumably discourage employees from stealing thumb tacks from it as they run out.


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