Even if you're a connoisseur of strange movies, The Curious Dr. Humpp will still be one of the strangest you'll ever see. It started out as an early-1960s Argentinian brain-in-a-jar flick about a mad doctor who has to harvest sexual energy from hot co-eds to feed a brain (that would be Dr. Humpp) who feeds on sexual particles. Yeah. But it gets weirder.

A North American producer brought the film to the States in the late 1960s, added random extra lesbian characters and a bunch of hippie orgies, then sent the movie out into the English-speaking world. The result is a really strange mashup of fairly chaste erotic stuff that's clearly dubbed (as in this clip) and fuck frenzies full of naked, bad actors on LSD. In this clip (which is work safe), the mad doctor harvests some sexual energy for his brain pal. Released on DVD as part of a "sexy shocker" series curated by Something Weird's Frank "Frankenhooker" Hennenlotter, The Curious Dr. Humpp is quite curious indeed. And dare I say it, the flick is actually a little bit sexy in places. Not in the hippie orgy ones, though.