Mad Props to Saskatoon Scifi Geeks

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Though there's a snowstorm blowing in Saskatoon today, we had a nice gathering of nerds at the Broadway Roastery. Kirk (yes, that's his real name) even came up from Outlook to join us! And Scot took a bit of time off work to come by. Among other serious topics, we discussed which character in the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie should have been given the Starbuck gender-switch, and I thought probably Chekhov.

Heather admitted that she and her husband played Star Wars music in their wedding. But that's nothing to be ashamed of, when you consider that through this meetup I discovered that here on the prairies there is another human being besides me who thinks Doom is a great movie - it was Phreak711, who (I'm sad to report) also likes Knight Rider. So maybe it's not so good that he shares my passion for tongue-shooting aliens after all.

Pam arrived first and took home a copy of Shadow of the Scorpion. Congrats, Pam!

The verdict? Great meetup, and Saskatoon geeks should have io9 meetups more often! If you're in Toontown and want to arrange the next meetup (maybe not on New Year's Eve, eh?), feel free to use the comment here to set it up. Or start a thread on io9's Facebook group.


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Whoa whoa what? I'm from Martensville (Like 5 minutes from Saskatoon) how did I not hear about this?