A weekend bash at Tony Stark's beach house in the Hamptons catches a relaxed moment with the Avengers. Crystal flirts with Johnny Storm at the Richards' posh New York bash. Senator Robert Kennedy plays host to the Fantastic Four.

Artist Phil Noto brings to light these lost images from the "Hank Pym Photo Archive," images of the glam Marvel parties of the sixties and seventies. In some cases, there's even a nice bit of text, allegedly composed by Hank Pym himself:

So Reed and Sue decided to throw a dinner party to welcome the Attilan Royal Family to New York. It was quite the to-do. Just about everyone in the hero circle was there. Black Bolt, Medusa, et al. were a bit surprised I suspect, but very appreciative. I got some nice shots of the budding romance between Medusa's sister, Crystal and Johnny Storm. I think Sue may have introduced them before but the "sparks" were definitely flying that night.


It seems Pym missed his calling as a society page columnist.


[Your Nice New Suit via Forbidden Planet International]

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