Mad Max's Imperator Furiosa Gets The Unbreakable Theme Song She Deserves

Females are strong as hell, whether they’ve lived most of their lives in a bomb shelter sequestered from humanity or are driving a giant war-rig across the post-apocalyptic wasteland. So it makes sense that someone would modify The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s theme song to suit Fury Road’s star.

Correction! The amazing song was composed by schmoyoho, while Albert Lopez created the music video and put the song to it. They both deserve fame and riches for their important contributions to society. The best part about this video is that somewhere, it’s probably making the jackasses who are outraged that an action movie would dare to have a strong female lead in it go into an apoplectic rage. It’s a miracle indeed!

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You know when I left the theater this week a woman behind me commented that she liked the movie and was glad MRA’s were mad otherwise she wouldn’t have seen it. Honestly though there really is nothing in this movie that is pro-women or anti-women and you could easily argue the case on either side, heck you can argue that the main villain isn’t that bad of a person if you wanted to. I think we just need to realize that its a sick ass action movie and we should just enjoy it and not read too much into things because of crazy people.

That being said Mad Max hasn’t been shy with using strong women in the films. Mad Max had May Swaisey, Road Warrior had Big Rebecca and the Warrior Woman and Beyond Thunderdome had Savannah Nix and Aunty Entity. For me Fury Road isn’t any different from the previous films. Its just a guy named Max trying to survive and is put in a crazy situation with crazy people.