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Director George Miller is returning to his most popular creation, Mad Max... but without star Mel Gibson. Or, for that matter, any live action actors at all; Miller's new future vision is entirely animated.

Miller plans to make the fourth Max as an R-rated, 3D animated movie, and not just because it'd be cheaper than hiring Gibson and paying for all the special effects; no, the director plans to use it as a chance to redefine anime altogether:

I've always loved anime, in particular the Japanese sensibility. It's something I've always wanted to do... The anime is an opportunity for me to shift a little bit about what anime is doing because anime is ripe for an adjustment or sea change. It's coming in games and I believe it's the same in anime. There's going to be a hybrid anime where it shifts more towards Western sensibilities. [Japanese filmmaker Akira] Kurosawa was able to bridge that gap between the Japanese sensibilities and the West and make those definitive films.


Some would say that we've had hybrid anime for years - If nothing else, projects mixing American and Japanese animators like The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight would seem to fit the bill - but that doesn't mean that we're not interested to see what Miller has in mind. Not that we'll be seeing it for awhile yet; Miller says that the project has "a couple of years left" at least before we'll get to see exactly what he has in mind. Here's hoping it's more successful than his failed Justice League movie.

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