First published way back in 1947, some 70 years ago, Goodnight Moon is an iconic children’s book that has been parodied and copied almost as much as Monopoly has. But leave it to MAD Magazine to come up with one of the best, featuring Batman just trying to get a little shuteye in his Batcave.


Written by Dave Croatto and illustrated by Tom Richmond, Goodnight Batcave gives us a fascinating look at how the Caped Crusader unwinds. Except that before he can retire for the night (or can he only sleep in the daytime?) Batman has to fight all of Gotham’s baddies who have somehow managed to find his secret lair.

Will Batman be able to battle his way to a good night’s sleep? Will this book actually help encourage your kids to go to bed at night? The answer to both of these questions is just $15 away via MAD’s online store.

[MAD Magazine via GeekAlerts]

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