Mad Cow Chili Builds Texan Zombie Army

Yummy, spicy Texas chili will turn you into a zombie, in the new indie horror flick Bubba's Chili Parlor. An unknowing local chili man uses government meat in his chili sauce, not realizing it's infected with a mutated strain of Mad Cow Disease which turns consumers into zombies. This Grindhouse-inspired B-Movie brings us a fantastic tag line, "there's something wrong with the chili." Click through to view the trailer and get a taste of what Bubba's got cooking.


The Zombie Lord commands his zombie minions from his throne.

Director Joey Evans put his Texan family and friends to work creating this spicy zombie flick, which was screened at the Film4 Frightfest in England. It looks like there's a great balance of zombie camp without abusing our undead friends, along with a few scary moments. And some good beef paranoia.

[Fright Fest]

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