Take a closer look at the workings of androids, cyborgs, and giant mechanical beasts with this collection of technical—but fictional—illustrations. Everyone from the lowliest droid to the most murderous Termintor breaks down to hydraulics and wire.

We've gathered blueprints, schematic drawings, and cutaways that dive into the mechanized nuts and bolts. These Jaeger blueprints were drawn up for the Pacific Rim marketing campaign:

There are loads of diagrams for various Star Wars droids, such as this one from Star Wars Blueprints: The Ultimate Collection:

But we also enjoy some of the artsier schematic breakdowns, such as this one that Kevin Tong made for Mondo:

Getting into cyborgs, a Japanese book about the making of RoboCop (the original), offers a peek at the inner workings of Detroit's metal law enforcement officer :

Osamu Tezuka was never shy about showing us Astro Boy's insides, but the robot hero received a full limited edition print of his inner workings for the Atom Dream Project (via).

And his design appeared in the CG Astro Boy movie:

These blueprints for the T-800's skull appear in the 1991 Making of Terminator 2 featurette, via James Cameron Online:

Bender's workings are much simpler, at least according to Futurama fan Enrique Guillamon:

The X-Men-terrorizing Sentinels have shown off their innards in comics:

And most recently in the promotional materials for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

And the Doom Patrol's cyborg Robotman has gotten a similar comics treatment:

Rockman, a.k.a. Mega Man, is still pretty cute without his skin:

And here's a cutaway sculpture by toy modder KodyKoala:

Data got a very rudimentary and not terribly official android anatomy in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual:

While a later moment on the show hinted at what his insides were actually supposed to look like:

Behold the RX-78-2 Gundam beneath the plating:

And Mechagodzilla:

And the somewhat less famous Robot Kong or Mechani-Kong (via Pink Tentacle):

reddit user fancymenofcornwood took a stab at a technical drawing of Wheatley, the intelligence dampening core from Portal 2, though we can't see what's inside:

And deviantART user Mspadfoot333 took apart Portal's turrets:

Here we peer inside one of Robotech's Spartans:

And VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross in Battledroid mode (the credit should actually read Kiyomi Tanaka rather than Seibi Tanaka):

Adventure Time's BMO is fully exposed in this image by Zureev, also available as a shirt from We Love Fine:

And going back to cyborgs, here's a pretty, but not particularly informative, technical drawing of a Dalek:

But this image from Terry Nation's Dalek Special offers a better look at their anatomy: