Macross-Inspired Doctor Who Anime Exterminates Our Eyeballs

While the Tenth Doctor is getting his own animated special, one fan reimagines the adventures of Doctor Who's Third Doctor as an anime, where he battles Daleks and Cybermen in a futuristic Tokyo, with a scantily-clad girl by his side.

Paul Johnson, who calls himself "Otaking," is working on his own Doctor Who anime, a video in which the Third Doctor encounters thugs, the military, and a stereotypical anime babe, and gets caught in a war between the Daleks and the Cybermen.


He's released a couple of brief clips, including this one starring the Daleks:

Here's the most recent segment, which features the Cybermen and shows us a glimpse of the Doctor himself:


He's also posted a video that shows his process from penciling to final product for a scene where the Doctor takes down a few street thugs:


[via Japanator via Topless Robot]

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