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M. Night's Latest Movie Just Ain't Happening

Illustration for article titled M. Nights Latest Movie Just Aint Happening

The poster for M. Night Shyamalan's latest theater-emptying film The Happening hit the net today, and it looks like he's fallen even farther out of touch with audiences. At least he's still in love with apocalyptic scenarios. In The Happening all plantlife on Earth has started spraying an invisible neurotoxin that kills anyone who breathes it, and soon there are just a few remaining survivors who get led by Marky Mark Wahlberg into the realms of poor box-office receipts. Even the poster tagline just makes you feel like the marketing department half-assed this one: "We've Sensed It, We've Seen The Signs. Now... It's Happening." [ComingSoon]


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Happening will be better than Hulk. Hulk looks unimpressive.