M.C. Escher does Romeo and Juliet in the zany first trailer for Upside Down

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Watch a pair of parallel universe lovers (Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess) who divided by gravity, and born into opposite-facing worlds. Apparently the top worlders and the bottom worlders live much different lives, stated by the ominous voice over, "we don't go down to their world, we certainly don't want them coming up to ours!" It's all very silly, and yet the visuals are gorgeous.


Watch the first trailer for Upside Down now, directed by Juan Diego Solanas. Let's hope this film gets a distributor in the U.S.

[Canal+ via First Showing]


My GOD. Someone's made a movie based on an IDEA. I would scream with primal joy but I can't because my throat is paralysed with genuine astonishment.